We'll Buy Your Vehicle in Any Condition

Even if It's Junk!

So you've got this car that you don't really want anymore, but you're not really sure that anyone else would want it either? Not a problem. At Cash For Cars, we'll give you money for that pile of metal, even if it's not running at all.

How to tell if your car is junk

While you probably have a fairly good idea if your automobile is junk or not, there are some ways to tell. If your vehicle doesn't run at all, dollars to donuts it's probably junk. Even if it could be repaired at a cot, if you won't be able to come up with the kind of money needed to fix it in the foreseeable future, we'll bet it's pretty much junk. But you don't have to worry about the donut thing. It's just a phrase after all. If you'd like to sell your vehicle to us, we'll give you cash money for it. If you want donuts. You can always use some of the bills we give you to buy them yourself.

Other cars that might be considered junk include those that have been damaged in an accident, those that look like their held together with band-aids, or those that are the repair-on-a-regular-basis sort. That's okay. We pay cash for junk cars and we don't car what they look like or if they even run.

Why get rid of your junk vehicle to Cash For Cars?

Unless you have a long line of prospective buyers or you're looking for something to stack on those cinder blocks, that clunker is just taking up valuable space on your property. And, if it's really in bad shape, it's probably leaking all sort of unmentionable fluids into the ground that aren't all that great for the environment. Aaaaaaand, as if those reasons aren't enough already, we'll pay you cash in hand for that beater. We'll even come and get it to save you even more hassle.

Are you ready to sell?

If you're interested in selling your vehicle, call Cash For Cars in Winchester, CA, today at (951) 749-5658 or fill out our brief online form. We'll ask you a few questions and tell you how much we're willing to pay you to take that clunkity-clunker off of your hands. That's it. It's really so simple, and you have nothing to lose – except for a heap that you don't even want anyway!